18 March 2012

Antwerp IV: Winding down

I spent my last day in Antwerp on essential gift shopping—chocolate Antwerpse Handjes for others and books for myself. I also tried to ignore my throat ache while doing some more cycling with the Velo bikes that I talked about before. The greatest success was finally finding the entrance to the pedestrian Sint-Annatunnel so that I could go to the other side of the river for this view.

I took some pictures of the Grote Markt square, again. You've got to love how the sun catches the golden statuettes on the buildings. Check out this cool flare on Google Maps.

And that is about it. The next morning I dragged myself to the station and spent some feverish eyeballs-baking-in-my-skull hours on the train until I was finally home. Cudos to the Deutsche Bahn conductor on the train from Brussels by the way, who did announcements in Flemish, French, German, and English. And on the topic of language, cudos to everyone in Maastricht and Antwerp who we accosted in English without making them flinch. I don't think we managed to make anyone flinch, in fact. My favourite language moments were however the two times I managed to have conversations where I was speaking Afrikaans to someone who was content to understand and answer back in Flemish. Viva occasional mutual comprehensibility, viva.

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