14 March 2012

Antwerp I: Train travel is holy

I tried not to let the dreary weather rain on my mood, so I set out with my friend who was up early to go be academically productive. In searching for the university library, I found the art school instead. It had an interesting old building next to it. After that I actually managed to find the library, which indeed had some cool courtyards around it. I then enjoyed a free omelette at Pool Planet—yes, it's true—free breakfast every weekday for anyone. I had a courtesy coffee of course. But between €2.30 for that and €2.20 for lunch in the student cafeteria, eating seemed to be off to a delightfully cheap start.

It was still a bit early for shops to be open, so I went to the station that had impressed me so the night before. Antwerp station is quite the cathedral to travel by rail.

Next stop was the Meir with all its old buildings and fancy shops. I found a second-hand shop just off the main street and bought two cute skirts. €10 per item is much more my speed than the price of new things in fancy shops.

In an attempt to spend some more time indoors I visited the Diamond Museum in the afternoon, but it was rather underwhelming. Museum design update, please.

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